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Your Company Culture and Your Office Fitout There’s so much more to your business than four walls, a roof, and a bunch of the usual tech gadgets. Your business has its own personality or culture. If you’ve been focusing on your company culture, you will have aligned it to your business’ image and goals. And

How to Get Good Acoustics in an Open Plan Office When we talk about “good acoustics,” we’re usually referring to design that allows sound to be heard clearly from far away. But in offices, good acoustics are quite the opposite thing. While most people can tune out a steady hum of activity when working, other

For many businesses, office furniture is a last-minute decision. There could be a new staff member starting on Monday and there’s not enough workstations. It’s easy to focus on the ‘sexy’ stuff, like the interior design. And although a well-designed space is important, the comfort of a chair or ease of a workstation is directly

As business owners, whenever you hire a new person or shuffle around staff, you won’t buy a new desk (unless there aren’t enough spaces for your team to work). One desk might be used by dozens of employees, over the course of its lifespan. Each person will have different height requirements. This is where furniture

Working in an office isn’t exactly great for your health. It’s not natural to sit down for 8+ hours a day, but the work requires focus. What you can do is reprogram your idea of exercise and do what you can at your office desk. Studies have shown that sitting down is as dangerous for

Do you think about splashing out on furniture if it’s been a good month? Probably not. You’ve got your eye on something cool, like Google glasses. But there’s a long list of reasons why you should invest in quality furniture – comfort and support, being one. And if there’s one piece of furniture that needs

Have you outgrown your desk? Maybe you just want to upgrade it, so it looks modern and supports you. We’re office desk specialists, with a focus on ergonomic design. Start your shopping by searching our online store and reading our new post! Have you outgrown your desk? Maybe you just want to upgrade it, so

Give your workplace a burst of life by including plants, flowers and other greenery into your space. These natural elements do wonders to improve productivity and well-being. But it’s not as easy as just putting a plant on your desk. Read our new blog post on bringing the outdoors into the workplace Give your workplace

As your business evolves, so should your office. If you’re in charge of the office refurbishment, it can seem like an overwhelming project. This is often why businesses don’t transform their spaces – because of a lack of time. Read our new blog post on how to complete a successful office refurbishment As your business

There’s nothing worse than working, looking at nothing but a white, blank wall. There’s no life, no movement. Now, compare this to a space that has colour, photos, and inspirational quotes. It changes your mood, mindset, and productivity. Read our new post on 5 creative ways to personalise your office desk There’s nothing worse than