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Have you ever tried to work in a dark room? It’s next to impossible. Now, compare that experience to a light, bright and open space. You can see why light plays a huge role in employee productivity. When choosing the location for your office workstation, access to light should be your focus. No matter what

Are you hosting a conference? Do you regularly have clients meeting in your office? It’s a worthwhile investment to update your conference room to boost productivity and collaboration. It’s important to understand layout principles and the value of your conference room tables. The last thing you want is for your guests to be uncomfortable. It’ll

When you think of safety in workplaces, you’ve probably got an imagine of men with heavy boots, operating machinery – not your everyday office. But there’s one job that’s another kind of danger. That is, being an office worker and sitting down for hours in a climate-controlled room. There’s no wonder why ergonomic chairs are

Until now, collaboration in offices happened in meeting rooms – specific areas of an office that were designed to bring people together. But traditional conference rooms are now becoming a thing of the past, with flexible, modular workstations taking over. Does your office workstation encourage brainstorming? How your office workstation affects your projects Rarely do

Office furniture is one of those things that you only notice the quality once it’s bad… like sitting on a bad chair, we all know how distracting that is. Comfortable furniture in your office is more important than you might think. It’s linked to employee productivity. When managers and business owners are designing offices, the

Your office table is a piece of furniture that’s often overlooked as something we ‘put everything on.’ But it’s so much more than this. Modern office tables will make your team work efficiently, while adding to the style of your home. And it’s not just your individual workstations that you need to give thought to.

Offices are filled with all types of people. Young interns, middle-aged women, and older employees all sit in the same area. Often, with different temperature needs. What if you could redirect airflow using partitions? We’ve all been in an office that’s been ‘too cold’ or ‘too hot’. It’s next to impossible to get the balance

With any big team, a large office space is required. You teach your employees to tidy up after themselves and hire a cleaner. But there’s more to office care and maintenance than what meets the eye. A clean office isn’t just looking good. It’s rare for a cleaner to go over office furniture every week.

The way in which you set up your office plays a critical role in the overall performance. Many business owners focus too much on aesthetics and not enough on workflow. Some things may be seen as unnecessary, like office storage. ‘We can just add cabinets and shelves down the track…’ But, storage is vital part

Do your employees work in a specific type of way? Would this change if you updated your office layout? Making room for essential work modes can increase productivity, creativity, and new ideas. Like a four-person workstation, for example, can encourage collaboration. The design of your workplace is linked to performance and levels of innovation. Don’t