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With summer just around the corner, your team will be taking some time off. Many Perth offices close over the break. But for those few employees who will work through, keeping it clean can be a challenge. First of all, start the season (and end the year) with a full office clean. Round up all

Are you struggling with space in your Perth office? Rent is expensive and your employee numbers fluctuate from year to year. Instead of moving, invest in storage solutions, like filing cabinets. All cabinets are created equal, right? Wrong, but it’s easy to think they are. There’s more to the buying process than just deciding you

Do you often have clients coming to your office? Chances are, they’ll probably be waiting a few minutes for you. By investing in a range of office accessories, you can keep them comfortable. A pin board, for example, is a great way to showcase some past projects you’ve worked on. This can be a standout

You just need to work in a cramped space to realise the value of office storage. Minimalism is more than just a fleeting trend. It’s popular because it makes for productive workspaces. Like the old saying goes, less is more. Filing cabinets, lockers, shelves, book cases, drawers, cupboards and pedestals are just a few of

An office redesign project can positively impact the way your business runs. By adjusting your space to the needs of your team, you’ll create an environment that improves productivity. It’s getting close to the end of the year, so why not start planning your redesign for when your team starts back in 2018? Transform your

A sustainable office is more than just making recycling a good habit. It’s making it actually work for you, as well as the environment. No matter how much you try to hide it, running an extension cord along the corner of your room won’t look great. You’ll probably spend more on power, which is less

Do your employees get tired and hit the 3.00PM slump? Adding an office break room into your office space is an effective way to combat this. Just like your workspace setup, break areas require a range of furniture to cater for different needs. Let’s go through the key pillars of a successful, well-used break area.

Modern offices are unique, interesting and flexible. As opportunities present themselves, the space can be adjusted easily to embrace the benefits. Because the office environment is closely linked to employee satisfaction and motivation, it’s good for to keep abreast with office trends – to maintain an appealing workplace now and in the future. Here are

At work, people seem to forget about energy conservation. It could be because they’re not responsible for footing the bill. Use this article to re-educate your team about the value of saving energy. Simple strategies including your office desk location is key. Save on energy costs, make your business greener and do your part for

Have you ever tried to work in a dark room? It’s next to impossible. Now, compare that experience to a light, bright and open space. You can see why light plays a huge role in employee productivity. When choosing the location for your office workstation, access to light should be your focus. No matter what