Our Local Factory

Family owned and run with over 25 years experience, our team in our Kewdale factory are all skilled tradespeople and expert manufacturers. We take great pride in our work thus ensuring the quality is always of a high standard. Seeing that all cabinet work is custom made in our factory, it is important to us that we use only the best, high quality materials and products.

With the years of experience behind us, we can guarantee that you will get the furniture of your dreams. Our design and manufacturing staff are well aware that the office should be one which boasts functionality and aesthetics at the same time.

Preparing our melamine

In this image, the melamine board is stacked on the floor as we start to lay out the pieces for a desk order. On the right hand side you can see spools of edging that we use to finish the edges of our locally made furniture.

‘Red’ our forklift

Meet ‘Red’, our friendly forklift! The scale of our factory, the weight of our timber and melamine board shapes means that ‘Red’ is working full time every day to move, store, lift and deliver our products.

Decisions, decisions

In this image, our factory manager and showroom floor manager are having one of their regular meetings. These meetings discuss current projects, nut out design decisions, and solve any production issues prior to delivery to our customers.

Finishing touches

In this image, one of our skilled craftsmen is hand finishing the edging of the base of a new wall unit. The great thing about having a local factory is that we have complete quality control over every product that we make.

The panel saw

An action shot! Our panel saw is one of the most well used machines in our factory. It’s used to shape, design and cut our timber and melamine to ensure the perfect product for our custom made furniture, every time.

Work this week….

This image depicts one of our experienced Cabinet Makers skillfully constructing an open backed timber veneer bookcase.